Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes, simply click the BOOK NOW! button on

Do I need a waiver?

Yes, each Plainfield River Tubing guest is required to complete the online waiver before beginning the float.  Parents/guardians will  be required to complete the waiver for minors under 18.

Are you open every weekend?

We are open every Saturday and Sunday between Memorial Day and Labor Day, weather permitting.

What happens if it rains?

We tube rain or shine, but we close if the weather (thunder/lightning) or water level are unsafe for floating.

What is the Group Rate?

You automatically receive 10% off each tube rental when you book 10 or more in your group.

How long is the float?

Typical float times vary from 1.5-3.5 hours.

Where does the float end?

The current route ends at West Electric Park.

How deep is the water?

Most of the river is ankle to knee deep, but some sections could be over your head.

Do you have a lifeguard on duty?

No guide or lifeguard accompanies you on the river.

Is there a weight, height, or age limit?

The minimum age is 5 years old for tubing. We don't have weight or height restrictions, but keep in mind that some places can be very shallow. Physical exertion may be required.

Do I need to be physically fit to go tubing?

Most people don’t find tubing strenuous. If we haven't had enough rain, however, it can involve a bit of work. The lower the water level, the more work required.

Will I get wet?

Yes! Put your towel in a dry bag or in the car.

Do I have to be able to swim?

We recommend you’re able to swim before floating. Life jackets are available for your safety at no charge.

What should I wear?

Shorts and a t-shirt or a swimsuit and securely fitting shoes. Flip Flops and sandals without backs aren't permitted.

Do you have restroom and changing rooms?

No. We currently do not have restrooms or changing rooms.

What should i do with my keys and personal items while tubing?

We have waterproof bags for sale, or you can bring your own. Without protection you risk losing personal items in the river so bring one or purchase from us!

Can we tie our tubes together?

Yes. We have straps available to connect the tubes. For safety reasons, we don’t recommend floating down with more than 5 tubes connected.

Can I take a cooler?

Yes, you have 2 options:  1. Rent a cooler tube ($10) that will hold ice/refreshments or SMALL coolers (see picture on our Home page) OR 2. Rent an extra tube ($20) to put your cooler into.  We do not have ice so bring your own. Disposable containers are not permitted on the river.

Can I take alcohol?

No, alcohol is not permitted. 

Can I get out of the river during the trip (to eat, shop, etc.)?

No. Please remember that most of the property along the river is private property. Your trip will end in Downtown Plainfield and within walking distance to bars, shops and restaurants.

Can I bring a camera?

Unless it is waterproof, we don't recommend it. It will get wet.

Do we sell items for your tubing experience?

Absolutely! We have various items for sale at check-in including reusable mugs, splash bags, sunglass bobbers and sunscreen.

Can I bring my dog?

As of now, we are not permitting pets to float the river.